Monday, July 28, 2008

5 Weeks to race day

Mondays come to early and too fast even when you're not training for an Ironman. After 190 miles of cycling Saturday and Sunday, Monday just blends into Sunday. My weekly total after Sunday was 190 miles of cycling, 34 miles of running, and 10,000 yards of swimming, and last but not least 45' of stretching, foam roller, and core strength exercises.

Another week/weekend of epic training in the books. Saturday was a 6 hour, 6 minute journey that amounted to 111.4 miles from Vienna all the way out to Round Hill then to Mt. Weather. Over and back Mt. Weather (4375 feet of climbing). My client and friend, Ben Britton, who is also training for Louisville is either blessed or cursed to have me as a training partner and coach. Our goal today was to ride like we are planning to ride on race day, i.e.-Race Rehearsal Ride #1.


Easy the 1st hour-55-60% of F.T.P. (Functional Threshold Power 143-156 watts), steady through the middle of the ride 65-70% (169-182 watts) of F.T.P., and strong the last hour (182-206 watts). My current FTP is 260 watts.


Total Ride time: 6:06
Average Power: 167 watts
Normalized Power: 187 watts
Average Speed: 18.4 mph (keep in mind that on Mt. Weather there are lots of sections where you are going only 8-10 mph). The out and back over Mt. Weather is about 16 miles total.

I've estimated my hourly caloric intake at roughly 256 calories per hour. My drink of choice is a customized drink mix from Infinit Nutrition. One bottle contains 256 calories with a 492 mg of sodium, 142 mg of potassium, 4 grams of protein, 60 grams of carbohydrates, and amino acids. My body can't seem to get enough sodium and I lose it quickly. A sodium imbalance = cramping so I keep it very high to avoid it at all costs. On Saturday, I went through 2 bottles of Infinit, 3 bottles of Perpetuem (260 cal each), 2 Gu Gels (100 cal. each), 1 can of coke, 2 gatorade bottles, two bottles of water, and 8 Thermolyte Tablets (each contains 300mg of sodium). A total of 2084 calories or 347 calories/hour. I went through more than I anticipated because of the heat and humidity.

A 45' min brick run followed our 111 mile ride immediately. We took off heading east on the WO&D trail. My goal on race day is to jog the first 3 miles, let my legs loosen up after the bike, and conserve energy for a LONG run. At a jog, I am still running at 8:30-8:45 mile pace. I maintain that pace on the out and back run, hydrating with water, and taking in a GU Roctane. At around 20' I reach Gallows road and take a right for another 2:30.' Coming back home, my legs have found their rhythm and the three miles of easy jogging pay off. I pick the pace up to a steady pace of 7:30-7:45 effort and hold it all the way home. I end up negative splitting my run by 1' minute and having to run an extra minute after arriving back at Evolution.

Ben and I arrive at Evolution, and immediately start taking in our recovery drinks. Recoverite from Hammer Nutrition or Endurox R4. Both are interchangeable as far as I'm concerned. However, both contain whey protein isolate, complex carbs, glutamine, and amino acids for recovery. We both lay on our backs with our legs elevated, sip our recovery drinks, and enjoy the cool breeze of the fan. The best thing about training like this is my bottomless pit of a metabolism. A workout like that is a free pass to eat whatever you want for the next two hours. After that, you resume normal eating. We hit church street pizza where I consume three slices of pepperoni pizza, a giant garden salad, and 1 coke.

34 days to race day and counting....

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